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Is Rent-A-Center allowed to knock on my door repeatedly, call me at home, work and cell phone when I am even one day late?

Oklahoma City, OK |

I have been paying for a TV from Rent-A-Center for a year. I have been late a few times, but I always make my payments. Lately though they have been calling the day my payment is due, several times and have even started to stop by the house on the due date or the day after to tell me I have to pay or they will call the sherrif and take back the TV. My question is two fold... what recourse do they have legally if I just stop paying and is there a way to stop them from coming to my home? I work out of town and the "thugs" as my wife calls them literally pound on the door for 10 minutes or more. She won't answer, but it doesn't seem right that they can do that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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They have the right to seek to collect what is legally due to them at reasonable times of day. It sounds like may want to return the TV and not do business with them.