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Is reading someones email illegal?

Rockford, IL |

I had a feeling that my ex fiance was cheating so since his password was still logged into my computer for his email i checked it and found out i was right. he then recorded the conversation that we had without me knowing and says he is taking it to the police is it illegal?

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If you hacked into his computer that is a crime. If he foolishly let you have accesss, it is not.

I imagine the police may conclude this is a private, not public, matter. But.....if you are asked to come in for questioning, hire a lawyer to accompany you there.


Reading his email is not illegal if the acces was permitted on your computer without hacking into his account. Recording conversations without the consent of all parties to the conversation, however, is a violation of the Illinois eavesdropping statute and constitues a criminal offense. Your boyfriend would be well-advised to stay away from the police with that tape...and you would be well-advised to stay away from him.

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