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Is putting your license plate in the back window on a new car until you get screws illegal?

Minneapolis, MN |

I recently bought a new (new for me, actually used) car and it came with new license plates not already screwed on. There was a crack over the screw hole on the back, so I wasn't able to screw it in, so I displayed my license plate in the back window until I could get different screws to screw directly into the plastic. While my car was parked on the side of the street I got a parking citation that said, "Code: 169.79; FAIL TO DISPLAY CURRENT LICENSE PLATE/TABS", in the remarks section, it said, "NO PERMIT VISIBLE; PLATE IN REAR WINDOW". The amount due is $108. I have since gotten my license plate screwed in, but do have have to pay this or can I fight it without too much trouble?

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You can read Minnesota Statutes Section 169.79 on the web web (copy it into t a search engine for a link). As I read it, there appears to be room for reasonable minds to differ over what the language means in a given situation. Perhaps you could go to court and persuade them to drop it or continue it for dismissal. What is the outcome goal? If it were me, I'd be willing to pay some if they would reduce the fine.