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Is my landlord responsible for snow removal?

Saint Paul, MN |

I rent a duplex in Saint Paul, MN with my boyfriend. We are currently in a dispute with my landlord about whether or not he is legally responsible for snow removal. I've read in an online article ("Rental Laws: 4 Instances a Landlord Is Liable for Tenant Injury" found on that he is but I can't find the statute. I understand that he is responsible for clearing snow from the property even if the responsibility is not stated in the lease (which it is not) and that a written agreement must be signed and tenants compensated if the landlord wishes to shift the responsibility onto them. What action can we take?

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I am aware of no such law that requires the landlord to remove snow in the absence of lease provision. Check with a local attorney


First, look at the terms of your lease regarding whether there are any conditions that are the responsibility of the tenant. Second, I believe Minn. Stat. 504B.161 is the closest you will find on the issue. Ultimately, the owner is liable for any injuries sustained on the property due to unsafe conditions, so even if there is no specific statute on the issue, the landlord should still take reasonable steps to keep the property safe.

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