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Is my landlord in any violation by false advertising rent prices?

Grand Junction, CO |

My landlord is displaying an advertisement on the front of our apartment complex that states "Rent is $395 a month" but really we pay $650 a month. Is this false advertising? Is there anything we can do about it?

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Is he currently running a special based on this being a tough time of year to rent? How do you know that he is not simply offering this as a "holiday special"? How do you know that it is for an apartment that is the same as yours, with all of the same appliances and fixtures? Additionally, why do you want to raise a stink about this. Do you want to tick off your landlord and have your landlord look for reasons to evict you? I just don't see how YOU benefit at all from picking this fight and claiming that he is false advertising. If you want to "pee into the wind" as they say, go ahead, but you will be the one covered in urine.

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