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Is my Green Card still valid now after being out of the USA for almost 9 months?

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I have been out of the USA for nearly 9 months now spending some much needed time with my family up in Canada. I have not worked up here at all. I still have a Valid US state driver's license, valid US state vehicle insurance, US phone number and phone plan, etc. Although I moved 90% of my stuff with me to Canada, I did not set up residency here. Will I have problems returning to the USA now? Is my green card still valid? How do I go about coming back down to the USA (do I need any paper work, etc)?

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Upon return to the U.S., you should be clear that you never intended to abandon your residency. The inspecting officer may refer you to Immigration Court if he/she is not convinced of your intent. Contact a lawyer to assist you.

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More than likely there will be a rebuttable presumption that you abandoned it. I suggest you speak with and retain an immigration attorney.