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Is my employer violate any federal or state labor law on juror duty based on the wording of the employees' handbook?

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Based on my firm's employees' handbook on juror duty, it states follow: "Full-time employee summoned for jury duty are paid their normal rate of pay for up to two weeks. Thereafter, the leave is unpaid. All other employees are granted an unpaid leave in order to serve. Employees must provide the corporation with a copy of the court payment records in order to be compensated. Exempt employees may be provided time off with pay when necessary to comply with state and federal wage and hour laws. We reserve the right to request proof of jury service issued by the Court upon return. Make arrangements with the FINOP or the President as soon as you receive your summons. We expect you to return to your job if you are excused from jury duty during your regular working hours." Any violation?

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No , this language is fine. In fact, it's rather generous since the employer's only obligation is to hold the employee's job. The employer does not have to pay them while they are on jury duty.


It sounds as though you have a generous employer.

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