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Is my CSPA calculation is correct ? Please show me correct formula for calculating CSPA

Trenton, NJ |

I filled Immigration petition for my sister and her family.

Date of priority :07 / 17 / 2002
Approval Date: 03 / 09 / 2010.

first child
D.O.B. 06 / 26 / 1983
Date child turned 21 - CSPA / Sunday April 01 2012.

Second child
DOB 09/14/1987
Date child turned 21 - CSPA

can you show me the cspa calculation and advice me if both the sons are eligible for immigration visa?

Septemner visa Bulletin - OCT 15 2001
Our priority date -July 17 2002

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If you have done the CSPA calculations and you still do not feel sure about your answers, iit would be a good idea to schedule a consultation with an immigration lawyer to work on them. The postings on a listserv only provide advice of a general nature, not a particularized discussion of one's situation. Even with general information on your hands, you should seek help from one who is acquainted with the facts of your case.

Most lawyers would hesitate to give advice of such a particular nature over a listserv such as this one as it it raises the specter of a malpractice suit.

Say you have obtained advice from a listserv to help you identify the tooth that is hurting you, would you also go ahead to get advice on the internet on how to extract that tooth?


For more information, please see the following video regarding CSPA:

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