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Is my Colorado License Valid?

Castle Rock, CO |

About 15 months ago, I was living in NC and got a DWI. My attorney had the charges reduced to reckless driving and I thought everything was settled. Since my case took around 6 months to end and I was also moving to Colorado, I ended up getting a Colorado Drivers License. A few weeks after this, I got a letter from the NC DMV stating that my NC license was suspended until November 2013. Is my Colorado License still valid? Can I drive here?

Thank in advance for helping me with this matter.

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You need to contact the COLORADO DMV for a record of your license. If you drive on a suspended license you may be picked up and placed in jail until you bond out. It could be bad if you have kids and you are arrested with them in your car.

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Check with CO DMV at 1881 Pierce Street in Lakewood, CO. It depends on whether NC reported the suspension to CO under the interstate compact provisions and whether NC is a compact law state.

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