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Is my child who born abroad before I got USA citizenship eligible for citizenship?I stayed more than 5 years in us before birth.

Hamtramck, MI |

he was born by 7 months before i got usa citizenship. i want to get passort for him from the usa embassy

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I believe more information is necessary to give you an accurate information. What about the child's other parent? Are they a United States citizen? Was your child already admitted to the United States as an LPR when you naturalized? Citizenship acquisition and conveyance can be a bit complicated, so it may be easier to call an attorney. The attorney may be able to give you an answer after a brief consultation.



the other parent is not usa citizen and the child never been addmitted to USA

Heather Louise Garvock

Heather Louise Garvock


Ok, then I agree with my colleague. You need to petition for the child to enter as an LPR, once the child is admitted he wil acquire US citizenship as long as the child is under 18 and you are a citizen when the child is admitted. You do not have to show you spent five years in the US prior to his birth.


You may be able to convey US citizen to your child who was born after you acquired US citizenship through naturalization if the child was under the age of 18 at the time you naturalized. In addition, the child must be lawfully in the US residing as in permanent residency status. This means that you will need to sponsor your child for an immigrant visa and then once the child enters as a permanent resident they may immediately apply for a US passport.

Please note that by answering this question an attorney client relationship is not created. My answer is general information based on the facts provided in the question. Detailed and accurate advice may only be given once a lawyer is able to meet with a person to assess the totality of a person's circumstances.


You cannot get him a US passport at the US embassy, as you were not a US citizen when he was born. He needs to be in the US in order to naturalize.

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