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Is my B2 visa still valid while I'm applying for J1?

Providence, RI |

I'm a student in France and have a B2 tourism visa which expires this April. I have an intern starting this August in the US and will soon applying for J1. Can I still travel to the US with my B2 visa in March (just for a week) while the J1 application is in process/approved? Many thanks!

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A pending visa application for a different category can been seen as contradicting the purpose of your visit. In addition, most J-1 sponsoring organizations do not want you to change your status to J-1 from within the US.


It is not a good idea to try to be admitted to the U.S. with intent shortly thereafter to apply for a change of status.

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I agree with my colleagues.

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With all due respect to my colleagues, I see no problem traveling to the US on your B2 visa before it expires. Assuming, of course, that you plan on leaving the US and re-entering on the J1 in August. You might get a few extra questions when you enter in March, but as long as you are honest, I see no problem.