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Is mr. sciolla taking any more cases concerning the big one with the narcotics squad? I need to know because I had a case.

Philadelphia, PA |

Every one of these cops had been in on my arrest. I did 6yrs and every thing that is being said now is just what I was saying when arrested to A.I.D. they put this under the rug as if it was'nt no big deal.Every thing that is being said is what i said back in 2006. made up search warrent , said they seen me make a sail and that iwas a light skinned black mail. I am all white. officer spicer hit me in my face with his hand cuffs a number of times.I need someone to look into this matter please.

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I strongly recommend that you stop posting information on the Internet where anyone can see it. The person referred to by name I assume is an attorney. If that assumption is correct, the method being used here to get in contact with him seems very inefficient. If you've been charged you need to talk privately with skilled counsel experienced in drug defense.


I am going to assume that there is a back story here that exceeds the parameters of the purpose of this website.

Joseph D. Lento

Joseph D. Lento



I sincerely am sorry to hear about what occurred in your case. Although they have stopped prosecuting cases involving these officers, it is not clear what they will do with older cases. At these point, it looks like the CW wants to defend the convictions that have already been obtained. Keep an eye on how things develop.


As Mr. Doyle indicated, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office is withdrawing almost all open cases where the squad of narcotics officers that you speak of were involved in the investigation and/or arrest. There are a few that they are still proceeding on if these officers played a minor role and other officers made observations and recoveries.

As for your questions concerning Mr. Sciolla, only he can address that questions and you should contact him directly. If you are not on probation or parole (and you're obviously not incarcerated) then I'm not sure of a legal avenue that you have to undue your past conviction because you need to still be under court supervision (incarceration, parole or probation) in order to file a PCRA (Post-Conviction Relief Act) Petition. If you still are under supervision, then filing a PCRA may be a viable option for you to try and have your conviction overturned as you could try to claim "after-discovered evidence" as you're just learning about these allegations against these officers. But, there are time limits to file PCRAs under a newly discovered evidence theory.

If you have any questions or I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. I wish you the best of luck.

Brian M. Fishman

The posting of an answer to this question in no way creates an attorney-client relationship between myself and any reader. I always suggest you contact and hire a lawyer to receive legal advice.

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