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Is monetary gift from abroad subject to IRS reports ?

Chicago, IL |

In 2013 I got a transfer of $80,000 from my parents who live in China . I have a green card . My parents are Chinese citizens. So , should I report this transfer to IRS ? (this was a one time transfer , no other transfers)

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Its my understanding that there is a requirement to report transfers of $10,000.00 or more have to be reported to the IRS. (Not as income on your income tax return, unless I constitutes income. A gift is not taxable income)



I read an article and they did not mention $10,000 . Do you mean $100,000 ?


Attorney Wagner is correct that a gift should not be reported as income. IRS form 8300 is for cash transactions over $10,000; however, a wire transfer is usually not considered cash and therefore is exempt from this recording requirement.



I am not sure but as far as I understand from the ONLY reason I do not have to report it is because the amount does not exceed $100,000


Because this is a gift it does not need to be reported on your tax return.

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