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Is medical negligence when Dr. gave you innumerable diseases

Newark, NJ |

can i sue a Dr.for given me innumerable diseases that i have never had and never complain,i saw the Dr.for minor pain, sometimes i just went to pick documents but in order to get paid give me diseases
Can i sue for mental anguish because is affecting me emotionally,

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It's not really possible to give you a helpful answer as your posting doesn't tell us what diseases you are talking about or how the doctor may have exposed you to the conditions. However...generally, yes, you may sue a physician for negligence. And yes, mental anguish is a permissible category of damages for which you may sue (in addition to medical expenses incurred, pain, disfigurement, physical impairment, lost wages, etc.)


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The information you provide is prety sketchy. But, as a general rule, if the physician deviated from accepted standards of medical care and that deviation caused injury to you, you can sue. Mental pain and suffering is a category of damages that New Jersey recognizes. You really need to get your medical records and speak to an experience medical malpractice attorney in North Jersey. If you contact me by email, I can give you a couple of names.

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Based on the limited information, you may be able to sue, but you have to prove it... and that could be very difficult.

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