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Is legal to be fired & offered 2 mo. servents pay but if he finds we talked to admin. at the job or co workers, - pay stops?

Marietta, GA |

Husb. & wife wrkd for same Co. based in Fl. Both managed separate private schools in GA both fired same day 3/5/12 Husb. had open heart surg. 1/23/12 & mid way thru recovry was tld by the owner not to return to wrk aftr Dr. relsed him until they talked. 1 wk aftr release owner came to town had meeting with husbd & said the Co.going a diff. direction. Owner went to wife's school told her the same thing. Are we being black mailed ? Owner sd he will pay husb. every 2 wks for 2 mo. servents pay but we can't talk to any admin. at schools or co wrkers. if he finds out-pay stops. Both schools nxt yr. contract due in march. Owner may feel schools won't resign if they kne R separation terms. We have gr8 sch rapport. Co-wrks, admin, teachrs have clld us, scared to ansr calls we need $ till new job

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It is difficult from the way you presented the above facts for an attorney to determine what rights you may have. If you feel that you were retaliated against for something such as making a report to a third party, this may be actionable. Clarify the facts here or just consider consulting with an attorney.

Good luck with this difficult situation.

Wes Hill

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