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Is Kroger's Grocery false advertising?

Arlington, TX |

Krogers advertises a $5 rebate for their 'mega event' item sale. If you buy any ten items, from a larger list of items,you will recieve the rebate. Also on the sign appears a lower sales price when you purchase a minimum ten items. One leads to the conclusion that you will purchase any said ten items, receive them at the lower price and receive a $5 rebate, however this is not so. The $5 rebate actually applies to cover the cost of the lower sales item. One would not receive the rebate, just actually the items lowest advertised sales price after the rebate has been applied. I think their ad is falsifying information and close to false advertising. I read on the false ad law and there has to be some kind of injury that results from false advertising. But isn't their ad a legal "scam" still?

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Filed under: Consumer protection
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The quick answer is that, if it isn't really, really, obvious, that a company is just lying or acting fraudulently, they'd beat any suit. They are giving their customers the $5, are they not? (In their interpretation, anyway.)

You might try complaining to their corporate office, and have a few other customers complain. You might also call the BBB and see what they think.

On a lighter note, while you are at it, complain about their "10 Items or Less" signs that they have in their stores; it should clearly be "10 Items or Fewer".