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Is it wrong that my daughters dentist did 2 root canals and 4 veneers without my permission?

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Took my daughter ( 3 1 / 2 ) into an appointment and signed for 2 caps and a filling . Told me to wait in lobby cause kids do better without their parents . Came back out 2 hours later and said they did 2 root canals and 4 veneers . I was so shocked at what my daughter looked like and went through I didn't know what to say . Husband went back the next day to get records and they wont give them to us . Can they do that to her without asking me first ?

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It is necessary to see the forms that your signed before the appointment and the related medical records.

I would send a certified letter request for the records to be sent within 7 business days to your address. I would then take the records to be reviewed in person by a qualified personal injury attorney. You can find one on AVVO.

Good luck.

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When it was over, she took me out of the office beside the elevators to tell me the work they did. That seems sketchy. They said they did the veneers for cosmetic reasons. Shes 3!! I should have a say so in everything in her life. It just seems so wrong. And they wont give us the records. They said they have a right to deny them!


You absolutely have a right to the medical records in addition the consent forms you signed. Consult with an attorney and they will not have a problem getting both and evaluating them for any potential claim.

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Review the records. It would seem to me to be completely inappropriate for the dentist to perform the work without your consent.


Medical battery is when an unauthorized procedure is done. Sounds like exactly that is what happened here. My opinion? No, the dentist cannot do that without authorization. Contact a personal injury / medical malpractice attorney to discuss the specific facts. You are entitled to your daughters records so don't take no for an answer. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact me. Good luck!

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As pointed out, if the dentist did procedures without consent, that would be medical battery and could be the basis for an action against the dentist.

It will be important to obtain the medical records and any forms you signed when she was checking in at the dentist. You have an absolute right to those records. If you need help obtaining those records and evaluating if you have a claim, I'm in your area and you may call me at (615)386-0075.

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Before you rush to a dental malpractice lawyer, the dentist by doing a veneer instead of a crown, was likely acting appropriately and saved most of the enamel of the tooth instead of removing the majority of the tooth for a crown, thus, I would get a second opinion from another dentist before you send him to the gallows.

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He had my permission for ONE veneer, not 4. And she even said they did 4 cause cosmetically it looked better. But, they DID NOT have my permission to do 2 root canals!

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