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Is it worth it to hire an attorney to pursue a lawsuit against a private university?

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I was a student in a master's program this past year. As part of the master's program, I worked an externship during the last semester. The supervisor at the externship told me that I was doing well, but told my instructor I was doing poorly on an activity that was not detailed in the syllabus as part of the course activities. At no point did my instructor say that I was doing poorly, until it was time for my master's degree to be issued. Even then, no details were provided to explain the poor performance. To make a long story short, I feel that I have done what I am supposed to according to the syllabus. I have already initiated the grievance procedure at the university and they have ruled in favor of my instructor. What are the next steps?

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The next steps are whatever steps are available within the internal administrative procedure provided for by your university. It is not feasible to attempt a legal action here unless you have extreme facts of manifestly improper misconduct by the school, generally involving discrimination based on race, gender, religion, etc. Courts will not substitute their judgment for that of the faculty and school administration when it comes to degree requirements or grades. In almost all cases, the school's admin procedure is the realistic end of the line for a dispute with the school about academic issues.

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