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Is it useful to have a lawyer assist you when no major injuries are apparently involved but there's substantial property damage?

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My daughter was rear-ended by a drunk driver (who did not stop) as she was turning right into her apartment complex. Here is a link to a news report: She was evaluated at an emergency room. They said she had a mild concussion and some whiplash and gave her medicine & a neck collar. She seems to be mending. Her car was spun around and her laptop computer was thrown out of the trunk and damaged. The repair shop found frame damage as well as body damage and judged the car was totaled. She had recently purchased a 2009 model on which she has made no payments. Her policy covers up to the amount she owes, but she may still be on the hook for her down payment and fees. Is this enough to interest a lawyer?

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I'm sorry to hear about your daughter being involved in an accident here in Vancouver. Consulting with an attorney whenever there is any sort of injury in an auto accident is a good idea. I am happy to hear your daughter appears to be making a speedy recovery, but a concussion and whiplash could potentially have lingering and residual effects that last into the future. An attorney could assist in assessing your situation and could provide guidance through the process and in negotiations with the insurance companies. There are many good personal injury attorneys here in Vancouver that would be happy to sit down with you and your daughter for a free no-obligation consultation, myself included. Best wishes to you and your daughter going forward.

Jeff Holmes - Attorney at Law - - 360.975.9288. Disclaimer: This answer does not constitute legal advice. This information is based on general principles of law, as well as my general experience that may or may not relate to your specific situation. This information is not meant to take the place of actually consulting an Attorney in your jurisdiction. If you would like legal advice, I would recommend consulting an attorney in your locale.


I am sorry to hear about your daughter's collision. She is fortunate to have escaped serious injury. I would urge your daughter to hire an attorney. It sounds like she has suffered some injury and it is too early to tell how serious those injuries might be in the long term. Soft tissue injuries (whiplash) to the neck and back can get worse with time as scar tissue forms. Also a concussion can cause problems that she might not link to the accident immediately. Even a mild concussion can cause short term memory loss, mood swings, speech problems, and other symptoms. I don’t mean to scare you into thinking her injuries are more serious but I want you to be aware of the potential problems that may arise. A good attorney who focuses on personal injury cases can help her get compensation for all her damages including medical bills, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and lost wages.


The seriousness of a concussion should not be overlooked and it is certainly too soon to tell what the ramifications of the concussion will be as your daughter continues to recover. Concussions are brain injuries that are linked to a neurodegenerative disease called chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). The cumulative effects of concussions can be devastating - not just for NFL players. I encourage you to pay close attention to your daughters recovery. Although many post concussive symptoms will seemingly resolve in the weeks/months following the initial injury, there is a small percentage that do not resolve. Early treatment and prevention of secondary impacts is extremely important. Hopefully your daughter will bounce back from her concussion without any issues. To answer your question directly, your daughter should consult with an attorney that is experieced representing individuals with mild traumatic brain injuries (concussions) and car accidents. As your daughter continues to recover from her soft tissue injuries and concussion, a lawyer maybe able to work out a resolution of her property damage claim. More importantly, a lawyer can also assist in making sure your daughter has acces to proper treatment for her injuries.

The above answer is provided for general informational purposes only and shall not be construed as legal advice, nor is the answer complete. Your questions require that you consult with an attorney who can fully investigate in order to provide you with legal advice, and the space for answer on AVVO is very limited. I would be happy to discuss your case over the phone or in person should you so desire actual legal advice regarding your particular issue. THIS ANSWER DOES NOT CREATE AN ATTORNEY CLIENT RELATIONSHIP.


It is always useful to sit down with an experienced attorney to evaluate a potential case. I suggest contacting the ones in your area who posted earlier responses.


I agree with the prior answers: a concussion and neck sprain can be much more serious than they first appear. If the driver is insured, you would be seeking recovery from a corporation obligated to pay as little as possible. I would suggest, at a minimum, a free consultation with an attorney.


Concussion injuries can be more serious than originally thought. Best bet is to contact the lawyer in your state above to discuss.


Absolutely. Your daughter was injured by a person that willfully violated the rules for community safety. She is entitled to full and fair compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. With respect to economic damages, she is entitled to reimbursement for all medical bills, lost wage, and future loss of earning capacity. With respect to non-economic damages she is entitled to pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life, ect.... Having handled dozens of these types of cases, I have no doubt her symptoms will wax and wane for some period of time and may require protracted care. In a nutshell, yes, any lawyer with experience in personal injury law will be interested in representing your daughter. She should certainly consult a lawyer with experience handling such matter. I wish her the best.

Beau Harlan

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