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Is it typical to wait a month to receive a ruling from a commissioner following court?

Spokane, WA |

My husband and I went to court a month ago -- the motion was to terminate spousal support, clarification of debt and matters concerning custody. The commissioner said she would have a ruling to us the following week. That was a month ago. My attorney does not seem to think its a big deal yet it impacts my life and my child's life in a significant way. Ideas on how to compel a ruling? Can I request a judicial review at this point?

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no, you need to be patient and listen to your attorney. If it were me (as your attorney) I would give it 6 weeks from hearing and then nicely and gently inquire as to when a ruling may be expected. That is really about has much as your attorney can push right now. If it goes beyond 2 months then your attorney can take more aggressive action, but you need to be careful and patient. The wheels of justice are very slow.

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