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Is it typical to get out on unsecured bail for felony charges?

Philadelphia, PA |

If a person is charged 5 counts mail fraud, 5 counts wire fraud, 1 count conspiracy, transportation of stolen property, is it typical for them to get out on unsecured bail?

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In Philadelphia bail is set by a bail commissioner. I have seen folks charged with more serious felonies get unsecured bail in Philadelphia which is different that ROR or own recognizance bail. There really is no “Typical " Situation. Bail is set based in a number of factors. The previous poster mentioned bail bonding company’s, But bail bondsmen are not permitted to operate in the City of Philadelphia.

I usually advise folks before paying bail to consult with an attorney first or have their family do so on their behalf. Believe it or not there are times where it may not be in your best interest to post bail.


The person will not be held without bail or bond, however, they are probably not going to be released on their own recognizance either. This person should have to expect to post a fairly significant bond, and will probably have to utilize the services of a bondsmen. Factors that will go into determining the bond that will be set will be the seriousness of the offenese, the prior criminal record of the person, and, if the person has a prior record did they appear for their court appearances, or did he fail to appear for court.

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