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Is it true that it's illegal for civilians to own bullet proof vests? If so, why?

Chicago, IL |

If someone wanted to wear a bullet proof vest to feel safe, why can't they?

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In Illinois, it seems to be legal at the present time. Connecticut supposedly has a law that forbids sales other than in a brick and mortar store, although that makes even less sense to me. If you want to gear up and look like the Michelin Tire logo ("Mr. Bibendum"), have fun. I think I'll enjoy the summer in shorts and a T shirt myself.

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Generally, yes, but not to commit a crime; and if the wearer is a convicted felon it's possible they may yet still be prohibited.


In Illinois you can legally wear/purchase a "bullet proof" vest...

If you live/work in an area with rampant violent crime, it may not be a bad idea!

If you do purchase a used "vest" be aware that the "Kevlar" shields have a shelf life of a certain number of years before the material starts to "break down" and have less stopping power for projectiles.

Good Luck!

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