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Is it true I can get alimony for the rest of my life from my soon to be ex husband??

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He makes 72000.00 a year I make 14000.00 he is currently giving me 500.00 a month alimony and 250.00 per child monthly (1000.00 total). is this enough or do I deserve more?? and when the divorce goes thru can I get alimony for the rest of my life since we have been married 20 years?? and how much alimony ?? and can I collect from the 401K that he secretly took out without me knowing and spent it all.

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If you live in California and have been married 20 years then it is true that you would be entitled to get alimony for life or until remarriage or his death. You would be entitled to half of his pension and half of all the community assets, that includes: cash, stocks, bonds, IRA's Insurance Policies, paintings , cars and all other property accumulated during the marriage. If you need to find out your particular situation , I suggest that you call a local attorney to advise you. Best of luck

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Based upon what you have mentioned in your question, you are likely a candidate for permanent periodic alimony. And yes you get 1/2 the 401k and maybe all of it if he failed to disclose it and then liquidated it. Contact my office for free consultation.


In order to properly answer your question I would strongly urge you to consult with counsel. The information that you have provided is insufficient with which to answer your question. You may certainly qualify for an award of Permanent Periodic Alimony, however, there is more involved than simply the length of your marriage. From what you report, it would appear that you would have a claim to the marital portion of his 401K, however, again, this is something that you should discuss with counsel. Please contact me if you would like to set me an appointment.