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Is it too late to press charges for stalking, assault, and harassment in mecklenburg county NC after 4 months?

Charlotte, NC |

My ex boyfriend stalked harassed and assaulted me in the carpool line of my children's school 4 months ago in North Carolina. At the time I called 911 and spoke to a dispatcher and asked for advice as to how to protect myself. I then presses charges against him in a different county and later was told my his defense attorney that the charges are not valid because I didn't charge him in the correct county. Is it too late for me to press these well deserved charges towards him because if not he is getting away with these crimes? What is the likelihood of the DA convicting him?

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In Washington and most states, the Prosecuting Attorney or District Attorney actually "press charges." What this means is once 911 is called, or a police report is filed, the PA or DA's office determines if they want to pursue criminal charges. The PA or DA in the county or jurisdiction where the crime occurred would be the entity pressing the charges. In this case, you may want to contact the PA or DA where the crime occurred and ask them about the status of the case. The statute of limitations for the PA or DA's office on a case like this is usually 2-3 years so there would likely be more time for them to press charges.