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Is it to late for me to pursue a products liability claim or medical malpractice ?

Shelby, NC |

I was Injured in an automobile accident two months ago I was in the hospital a couple of days the day I was released my brother had an attorney come to the house I was so out of it on the mess from the hospital I just signed papers to hire their firm . when I went to get my belongings out of the car I noticed that my seat had came off track during the accident . I also complained to the ER about my ankle all they did was rays and told me it was a sprained ankle later I found out it was broken

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If you still have an attorney, you should be asking him or her these questions. Generally, though, statutes of limitation arising out of automobile accidents, medical malpractice, or injuries due to defective products are much longer than two months. The issue with the statute of limitation on the car may be how old the car itself is. You should speak with your attorney.

T. Shawn Howard

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Talk with your attorney.


This is not a confidential forum. Talk to your attorney about your concerns.


Let your attorney know. Call him.


Schedule a meeting with the attorney you hired so that you may evaluate them with a clear head.

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