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Is it take long time to go USA when we myi-751 was pending while i leave the country and denied my conditional green card?

Roswell, GA |

I-751 was pending while i leave the country & got a letter it says denied my green card.My husband appeal for it & they told that with in 60 days they send a letter but one &half month pass we do not get any answer can you tell me what will be the answer ,is they approve my case or no if not what we will do ?how long time it take to enter USA & what is the process to go back to USA can you tell please.

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You cannot be outside of the US for more than 6 months as a legal permanent resident (LPR). The conditional part of your LPR status is fulfilled if you have lots of bills, bank statements, contracts and other mutual assets / liabilities together. If you do not have that, then your case will be denied. Your husband should find an immigration lawyer to help defend the case as soon as possible.


Hire an immigration attorney in the US immediately.You are likely entitled to be admitted to the United States as a returning resident as the law provides that you are entitled to have your case denial reviewed by an immigration judge in removal proceedings.


Without knowing why it was denied, it is difficult-to-impossible for us to comment on your appeal rights.

Have your husband meet with an immigration lawyer to review all the papers that were send in.

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