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Is it stocking when it's your boyfriend exwife that is inquiring what when where your doing through their kids. threatening life

Black River Falls, WI |

She asked the children what I am doing where I am going. Always making the comment that she will take care of me her way. She demands the kids to text her or call her when I do something. I have 4 inch pile of documents where she has inquired everything about my life. Now she is calling my ex asking him everything about me. We now have the kids and she doesn't pay child support. She is fighting for them back and DA is not looking out for the kids. They get hurt 75% of the time in a supervised visits. All of our safety is at risk. We need help if the the phys eval showed she is unstable.

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Your question is not clear. It is up to the DA to prosecute crimes, not protect kids by controlling placement with their mother. The DA will decide if her behavior toward you is stalking.
Placement is a separate issues. If you are concerned about the children during her placement time you need to contact DHS to report any harm AND contact a family law attorney to discuss possible modifications to the placement schedule.



The DA/police has failed in protection me along with the children. I have witness and still nothing is done. She stopped a County fair Rodeo because she attacked me. She has even asked people for a gun to kill me. I don't know where to turn. Her physc eval that was ordered by the courts even state that she doesn't know reality from her fantasy world. That she is very hestile toward me. She even came to the appt under the influence and the doc had to follow her home because he did not feel that she should be driving. I am at the income of poor. I guess since I don't have the money I will be an incident viticim laying on a cold slab soon. Hopefully the children will make it. Thanks for the advice.

Wendy Sue Johnson

Wendy Sue Johnson


Again, an 'attack' would be a criminal matter for the police and DA. If you have witnesses to her threatening your life or other hostility, you can seek a Restraining Order. Go to your local courthouse and get the Petition from the Clerk.

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