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Is it slander or libel if someone posts something defaming my character on facebook?

Summersville, WV |

This woman has stated: "You have placed yourself where you will fit in great. You are now with a company that has lawsuits against it because of infringement issues and fraud. Based on your character, you should be very successful there. Good luck!"

She is saying this because I was under her to sell jewelry but decided instead to sign with another company. Now she is posting things like this on FaceBook for the whole world to see.

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It's libel when it's in writing. But to have any claim, you have to have damages; i.e., someone believes this and your suffer financial loss. Report her to Facebook and block her.

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I practice law in NY so I can only speak generally. As the defamation is in writing, it is a libel. You need to speak to a lawyer in WV who handles defamation suits. Sounds like it would be libel against your company if people can easily identify it through you. As to you, it sounds more likely non-actonable opinion. But you certainly might want a lawyer to write a letter for you telling this person to stop the postings and any other communications.


Report the abuse to FB


Report this to Facebook. A law suit is likely not appropriate in this situation because it will be difficult to prove damages. I would speak with an attorney and send her a cease and desist letter if you are concerned that she will continue to libel or slander you or your new company.

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