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Is it Slander,Liabel,Harassment,or something else entirely if someone keeps making false reports to Adult Protective Services?

Glen Saint Mary, FL |

Less than 30 days ago,I got a call from APS in Alabama saying I needed to come get my elderly Father.So I went and got him and brought him to Florida.He does not have dementia.He wanted to come.8 days after he got here,my Brother who would not take him in called APS and made up all kinds of lies.He has never been to my home,nor has he called to check on our Father since he has been here.I have nurses and physical therapists here every day.The investigators left shaking their heads after finding this out.The whole uproar is over money.Daddy has a substantial income for a retiree.They are livid because they wanted the money but not the responsibility.I personally do not need his income.I am trying to do whats right.How do I stop this NONSENSE?I got a letter today telling me to get used to it

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It's annoying is what it is but not much you can do about it. The report is made and the person making it kept anonymous. The agency has to investigate. You can see an attorney though but I'm not sure you have much of a case.

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You can have a local lawyer investigate. Avvo has a terrific "find a lawyer" tool so you can find a top-rated (10) Avvo lawyer within a mile or two of your house.


You should consult with a local attorney.

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