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Is it safe to sign a waiver of probate of will?

Wetumpka, AL |

Uncle Passed with no will in place. Assets are to go to his siblings. my mother was his sister & she has passed also. I understand i will get her portion., however my other uncle is asking for a waiver of probate of will...Should I sigh it . I am not close to this side of the family & not sure if I should trust them.Would I be signing my portion away? How can I make sure I dont give up my portion?

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Yes, that will allow the will to be probated sooner and without a hearing. You should get a copy of the will with the Waiver and if the will leaves assets to you, you should sign it.

You have 6 months to file a claim or to contest the will if you want.


Trusting is complicated. President Ragen used to say trust but verify, and so should you. get a lawyer and see what is in the estate.

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REtain your own lawyer to counsel you on this issue.

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Anyone could have gien me this advice. You were not very helpful @ all. Thanks for nothing.