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Is it right that a veterinary clinic won't release my dog's medical records to me bec another family member brought him in?

Springfield, MO |

My dog recently went missing in Springfield, mo and I called all the hospitals and clinics to find out if he was injured. One hospital did have a record of him having been brought in but they won't release any information until the sister-in-law puts my name on the hospital record. The sister in-law won't answer my calls. Do I have the legal right to get my dog's medical records if I can prove that he was my dog?

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Easiest to get your family member to get them


That would depend on the type of proof you have. Just try to work things out with your sister-in-law.

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Family won't cooperate. They don't want me to find out what happened to my dog. What can I do about this? I have my dog's adoption papers and long history of vet records.


Take copies of all your documentation to the vet. If you can prove the dog they treated is yours, you should be able to get the records.

However, how is it your sister - in - law took YOUR dog to the vet's?

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The above attorneys are correct. You can go to the veterinary hospital with as much proof as possible that it is your dog and request the records. The easier way will be to have your sister-in-law put your name on the hospital record. Or you could hire an attorney to make the inquiry. It depends on how much this issue is worth to you.

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