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Is it right for me to avoid a civil lawsuit against me.

Philadelphia, PA |

I was in a car accident about 2yrs ago involving a child. I was under my stepdads insurance as a second driver. Now they have a civil lawsuit against me suing me for 50k. Im only 23 years old and I dont have that! I dont know how to approach the situation or how to deal with it. I cant afford a lawyer nor can I afford what im being sued for. What are the opinions that I have dealin with this kind of situation?

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Your stepdads insurance has to defend you. Contact the insurance company

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Turn this over to your step-dad's insurance. They should hire a lawyer for you to defend the claim.

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As stated, call your stepdad's insurance company and let them know that you have been served. they will appoint an attorney for you.


I am hoping that your step-father's insurance is already aware of the accident. They will handle it. You just need to cooperate with them as they work through the process. Don't panic about it. This is why we have insurance.

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Your stepdad's insurance company will defend.


Report this to your stepdad's insurance company RIGHT NOW. They should provide you with an attorney and handle everything (if you are covered under the insurance policy). If they deny your claim, get an experienced personal injury and insurance coverage attorney's assistance immediately. Good luck.

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If you were in an automobile accident and another person was injured, you are responsible for their damages if you are at fault for the accident. If covered under a policy of automobile insurance and are served with a lawsuit regarding the claim, notify your insurance company immediately and provide then a copy of the paperwork. Insurance provides indemnification and defense of claims arising from automobile accidents where the insured was at fault.

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