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Is it possible to wipe out unsecure portion of mortgage ?

Miami, FL |

We (wife&husband) had a Chapter 7 discharge in Dec 2010.(Miami-Dade)
first and only mortgages was 145.000.
Our property value was $80.000.00
so, in "Schedule D" was DECLARED :
UNSECURED PORTION :65.000.00.dO i have to pay for whole mortgage
or am i abble to wipe out, unsecured portion? what to do?

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Mr. Solomon is correct. Unless you reaffirmed the debt (which you can check by looking at the file with the bankruptcy court) then you discharged the entire debt. What is the context of your question? Are you trying a short-sale? Are you thinking you can keep the house without paying the mortgage? That's not happening unless the bank waited more than 5 years to foreclose.

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You cannot cramdown or strip off the unsecured portion of your first mortgage on your principal residence.

You have to pay the full mortgage.


You have discharged the entire mortgage debt on your first mortgage if you did not sign a reaffirmation agreement. However, the bank retains its full lien rights, so you must continue to make your payments on the full mortgage balance or the bank can foreclose.

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While the bank can not pursue you for any deficiency if you stopped making payments and it foreclosed on the house, unfortunately, if you want to keep the house, you will have to pake your payments on the entire amount due as youcan not "strip off" the unsecured portion of a first mortgage. If you had a second mortgage and it was totlally unsecured, then the second mortgage could be stripped off in a Bankruptcy.

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As I understand it, you could wait 4 years from the time of your Chapter 7 discharge and then file a Chapter 13. There is some case law and opinions out there stating that the 4 year interpretation is incorrect, and that you could file 13 immediately. To me, it makes sense that you should be able to file a Chapter 13 immediately and pay only what the property is worth to get the lien removed. However, it is also my understanding that such is not the practice in our district. In any event, if it were possible, you would have to pay the mortgage in full in the plan which can not exceed 60 months, and that can be problematic.

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