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Is it possible to Void a Deed in essence Only?

Whitethorn, CA |

There was a deed that I was tricked into being a part of. Subsequently, the house was sold....only because I couldn't afford to buy out the chick that deceived me. I want to take her to court, but I don't want the people who bought the house to be caused any trouble by this. Do I need to void the deed? Or do I just sue her for the value she received when the house sold? I believe the deed is voidable, due to a forgery the defendant has on it, and also by tricking me into signing a portion of my rights off (unknowingly at the time).

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You don't necessarily need to void the deed or go after the current owner (which would be difficult unless they were involved in or knew about the fraud), but you could just sue her for fraud, assuming the statute of limitations has not expired by now.

When did this fraud happen, specifically how did she trick you, and when did you discover the fraud?

This is NOT legal advice, just a general discussion of the law, as we are not familiar with the specific documents and facts of your case, etc. Please consult with a competent attorney in this area of the law for specific legal advice regarding your particular case, as the advice may vary depending on the facts.


You seem very squeamish about providing factual detail. I suggest you get a consultation in private with an attorney that you feel comfortable speaking with.

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What makes you think I "seem very squeamish"? I feel completely comfortable providing details here. This site is...after all, anonymous as to the people doing the inquiring. Thank you for your reply, sir, but it sure didn't answer my question in the slightest degree.

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