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Is it possible to sue someone for babysitting wages?

Eau Claire, WI |

My neighbor's daughter comes over often because her parents are abusive. The city is already investigating them for abuse and neglect. However after business hours I'm the one up all night on the phone playing counselor because no one else will. Can I charge the parents for all those hours of time I've spent consoling their daughter from suicidal and self harming thoughts? Can I at least expect money for her food when she's actually at my home?

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What you've done is very nice and a good thing. I would say that your actual chances of getting some payment for letting this girl in your house is about zero.

If you'd like to start charging, you need to contact the parents and tell them that the girl won't be allowed in your house or fed unless you come to an agreement about payment. I'd say your chances of getting them to pay you are are still about zero.


I agree with the previous answer completely. I also wanted to add that if the girl is suicidal, she needs real help, and you should contact law enforcement if you believe that her threats are legitimate.

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Very admirable to help this young girl. Don't think much of your chances in pursuing suit for pseudo babysitter wages

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