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Is it possible to sue my employer for not giving me law required breaks/working in un-safe conditions?

Denver, CO |

The restaurant I worked for up until 3 days ago when I quit, was badly mistreating employees, neglecting Colorado labor laws and violating various health codes. I worked there for a little over a year and I almost never was allotted my 30 min. break (I worked a minimum of 6 hours a day)! This would happen a lot and never was addressed! The A.C. unit is broken and I am Anemic, which means I pass out when over heated easily. My boss bought me a spray bottle to fix the problem. Chemicals are un-labeled, No gloves are worn while working, cross contamination is occurring and the roof is leaking through the hood above our grill which drips down the wall next to their cooked sandwiches! I couldn't take anymore and had to resign. Please help me to find out what I should do and what route to go!!

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You should report their violations to DORA (Department of Regulatory Agencies) with the State of CO and any unsafe labor working situations to OSHA. There are both state and federal agencies that do the investigating and charging for you. You don't need to go to the expense of hiring an attorney.

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The Colorado Department of Labor has jurisdiction to investigate a lack of break time, under the Colorado Minimum Wage Order #29. Did you tell your employer that you had a medical condition and ask for accommodation? You might want to consult the EEOC or the Colorado Civil Rights Division about a possible claim of disability discrimination.

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