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Is it possible to have your drivers license reinstated if you have'nt paid your fine for driving under suspended license?

Prescott, AZ |

I know I paid my fines in full last year and the court does not have a receipt in their system. I have a valid drivers license and the record from the DMV shows that the suspension was satisfied by the court. I thought I was all clear until I got pulled over and arrested for obstruction of justice for according to them not paying.

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Not likely. If you fail to appear in court, or fail to pay a fine, the court may direct MVD to suspend your driving privilege. When you have satisfied the court, you may take the court documents to any driver license office to apply for reinstatement of your driving privilege. Usually if you pay the entire fine or make arrangements with the court to make payments on an outstanding fine, the court will provide you an order to MVD to lift the temporary suspension.


It is unlikely that you will have your license reinstated if you have unpaid fines.


Your information is limited. I would get a print out from MVD about what they are referring too. It may be a clerical error, or something else you may not have been aware of. If the fine is not paid, I agree that lifting the suspension unlikely. Yet, if you did pay it, bring receipt to MVD and get a clarification. There also may be a final step you missed. As for current DOSL you may want a lawyer to help fight it with the prior information to be used in court.