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Is it possible to have simple assault charges dropped off my fiances record

Easton, PA |

a week ago my fiance and i had an argument which led to us throwing each other around a little. the police came after my fiance had already left. now the officer is charging my fiance with simple assault charges even though i told the police that day that i did not want to press any charges and i did not want anything to happen to my fiance. it was both of our faults. i have severe depression and was not on my medication that day which is why it got out of control. i even told the officer that i had slapped my fiance first. my fiance and i have worked out our issues and everything was back to normal before my mental breakdown. i am back on my medication. but we've recieved a letter stating he is being charged with simple assault and i desperately need these charges to be dropped.

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Your fiancé needs to retain an experience criminal defense attorney immediately. The attorney will represent him at the preliminary hearing and attempt to resolve the case there. If the charges are dismissed, your fiancé will be able to have the case expunged from his record.


Mr. Keller is exactly right. Your fiance needs the assistance of qualified criminal defense counsel. Urge your fiance to at least speak privately with one or more suitable candidates. Most here will provide a limited free consultation. Since the police obviously ignored your wishes in this matter, it is going to require defense counsel to resolve this in a favorable fashion. Good luck.


Once again, Mr. Keller and Mr. Jones have it right. Strongly encourage your fiance to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. If he cannot afford private counsel, your fiance should contact the public defender's office right away. Once the legal matter is resolved, both you and your fiance should also make an appointment with an anger management specialist.
Good luck!

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