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Is it possible to go to the USCIS office where i take my biometrics

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i filed for my i90 a month ago and received the receipt (i-797c)on January 11 but i have not yet received my bio metrics appointment and i have to leave to the Philippines by the end of the month for it possible to just walk to the uscis office in my town and ask if i can take my biometrics even without an appointment letter and just bring the receipt letter(i-797c) with me? because i know that ones i do my bioemtrics,i can get an extension on my expired greencard and be able to leave the country ones they put a new sticker on the back of my card.

ill how them the i-797 to show them proof of my renewal

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Have you tried calling the customer service number on your I-797c?



yes i have, and they weren't helpful with my situation.


Yes. Do first check the USCIS website to see when is the next info pass appointment (sometimes there are openings surprisingly soon). If nothing's open, yes, go directly to the USCIS with your I-797c and try to get some documentation of the emergency. If the system shows that your biometrics have been ordered the Application Support Center may process you even without the biometrics appointment notice. Otherwise, ask to speak to the USCIS supervisor on duty, explain your emergency, and, again, try to document it. See if you can reserve your flight too (try to purchase refundable tickets) and show proof of purchase for the tickets. Good luck.

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