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Is it possible to get the charges dropped for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance

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Son was at a concert. He was approached by an unknown drug dealer and asked him if he wanted drugs. He said no. He was later approached by undercover police and asked if he had any drugs, He said no but told her where she could get some and walked her the dealer who was within 15 feet. He was arrested for Conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

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Anything is possible But your son's actions have made him look like part of the conspiracy. Find him some good legal help to build an aggressive defense. Many of us here on Avvo provide a free consultation.


Yes it is possible- but you need an attorney . Obviously the undercover police thought that your son was acting in furtherance of the guy who had the drugs. Get an attorney.

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Yes, it is possible. However, he cannot do it alone. He needs the assistance of an attorney who is capable of getting the charges dismissed. I had similar cases. There are certain facts that the prosecution needs to present, that are not in your fact pattern in order to get a conviction. I'm not saying those facts don't exist, I'm just saying that they are not in the posted fact pattern. Many attorneys offer a free consultation. Accordingly, I recommend that your son speak with a few attorneys to determine whether the attorney is a good fit for your son's case. Good luck.

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