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Is it possible to get restitution dropped?

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I'm 19. i have to pay back near 9000 dollars. I'm a three time felon. I had two cases at the age of 17. I haven't got in trouble since. I've attended college, worked jobs to stay afloat. I've only been able to pay off 300 dollars to restitution. my mom lost her job. were broke. family of three. five pets. just payed the overdue cilco bill. no money left. Id like to get my restitution dropped so i can get off of probation. I've been on probation for quite some time. I'm staying out of trouble. But with my circumstance i would like a break. can you help me?

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You need to speak with your attorney or PO. Perhaps some of that restitution can be converted to community service, but someone was out a lot of money or the equivalent in property and you are responsible.

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You owe $9000 in restitution. What offense did you commit that led to this amount of restitution?
Generally, once a restitution order is made, the amount cannot be changed, but the amount of your monthly payment might be lowered. Contact your attorney or the probation department and ask if your monthly payment can be adjusted.

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Sentencing court is NEVER going to vacate the restitution if it is actual humans out the money. If it's an insurance company, one time in a thousand. You might be the one in a. Million 19 year old for whom a chapter 13 makes sense. Go see a bankruptcy lawyer. He'll try to throw you out of his office but he may change his mind if you lay your orders and W2s in front of him.