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Is it possible to get an order of protection against mother who attempted to commit suicide while 3 children (1,2,4) at home?

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You should consult with a local attorney to whom you could explain all the details as there are different remedies that would include custody, supervised parenting access, etc.


It might be possible to get an injunction against domestic violence if the court found that you had a reasonable fear that your children were about to become the victims of domestic violence. If she has made threats about killing anyone besides her self, like your children, then I would think that this would be sufficient. Although, it depends on the judge ultimately. If you are the person who wrote yesterday and stated that your wife was threatening to kill everyone after she got released for trying to kill herself, then I would suspect that what she said in the past would be enough to support an injunction against domestic violence. First and foremost, however, I would think that she would have been Baker acted, etc. Good luck. You certainly have your hands full.

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Anything is "possible"; however, there may be more effective ways of achieving the result that you want. I would assume that you want the children to be safe and not in the home if there is another attempt. You do not provide any information as to if you are the father, if you have a current paternity judgment or if you were married and have a final judgment of dissolution of marriage. If those things exist, then you can proceed in the family law case and seek some sort of emergency relief as well as other appropriate relief. I would encourage you to consult with a local attorney.
Best of luck.

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