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Is,it possible to get a break from the ud case hi

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Because I have a bad cause of Bronchist And my doctor wrote me a letter to rest because the stress isn't good for bronchitis I have been weak and had a bad cough kind of paper do I need to get what Doctor said

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try to get landlord to agree to delay. if not file ex parte application to continue trial date - include doctors note

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No not at all the landlord hasn't even served me yet . But I am very sick so I can't reaseche I just want so time to rest cause I have bad asthma and brochist because there no use able heat so the doctor wants me to rest till I see him again


From what I am able to deduct from your statement is, will the court grant an extension in your UD case because you have bronchitis? Honestly, the court is probably not going to have time for that because of the summary nature of a UD case. You could try to obtain an extension by filing a counter-request to set trial with your doctors note. Link to form:

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