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Is it possible to flee the country while on felony probation? What are the repercussions? Are there any other choices?

Henderson, NV |

My best friend is currently 18 years old, and when he was 16, he was arrested and convicted(As an adult) for Distribution of Child Pornography. He has also recently been incarcerated on probation violation for about five or six months for just failing a polygraph test asking if he had used the internet or not. I would like to know if he could flee to another country and begin a new life there, without this criminal conviction haunting him. I would also like to know if there's a better choice than that, such as a way to fight the case and have it at least be a juvenile conviction instead of an adult one.

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Attorney answers 2


No attorney on the website is going to advise your friend on how to "flee" the country so at to avoid facing the consequences of his convictions. Sorry.


Sadly, he should have fought the adult-level charging 2 years ago during the original case.

He might be able to reopen the case if there was some sort of critical mistake in his plea agreement, but the reality is that he has to buckle down and finish his sentence. Also, his ability to emigrate to another country is probably gone now, since other countries are not likely to approve a visa.

Clark County, NV practitioner.