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Is it possible to file a report for slander on a police officer?

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I thought we were friends, with no benefits. We have seen eachother numerous times and always have nice respectful conversations. But I have found out that he is saying it was a physical thing. I am willing to do whatever it takes to prove the truth. What do I do from here?

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Slander requires a false statement of fact spoken to a person other than yourself.



Absolutely. I was told by other people. Because he is an officer, he thinks he can get away with it.


It sounds like you May have the false statement element but you'll still have to prove an amount that you were damaged in order to win in court. For example if what the officer said caused you to lose your job and if you could prove that was the reason you lost your job then you could potentially gets damages resulting from losing your job.

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The question that needs answered here is, in what way were you injured? Defamation may have occurred here, but like my colleague above pointed out, the publication of the false statement to a third party are only part of the equation. If you lost your job, that could result in damages. If you experienced documented (from a healthcare provider) emotional or physical distress, that could result in damages. If your reputation was damaged and your experienced some tangible financial consequence, that could result in damages.

If you think that you actually suffered damages more than having you feelings hurt, than you should consult an attorney about your rights immediately. You can use AVVO's Find a Lawyer search tool to locate and contact lawyer in your area.

Good luck!

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First of all there should be clarification as to what you mean by filing a report. If you mean filing a complaint at the police precinct, yes, of course you could do that if you feel that the police officer has acted wrongfully.

If you mean could you file a legal action for slander against a police officer, the answer again is yes you can. Bear in mind that consideration will be given to the fact that a police officer is involved and his occupation necessarily involves making accusations against individuals. Some of the accusations you may not fully understand from a legal point of view. These things will be considered. There are also issues relating to who the alleged slander was publicized to and how you were damaged by said publication.


Read up on the Streisand effect (use Google) before you step out on this ill-advised path.

You will have a terrible time proving to the satisfaction of the police officer's union-provided attorney that it wasn't "physical."

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