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Is it possible to fight EDD on a denied claim and win?

Clovis, CA |

I worked for a company for over a year, never had any attendance or behavior issues and never been written up for misconduct. I worked til just past midnight one evening and was supposed to attend a meeting the following morning at 9am which was not stated to be mandatory, and then return at 4pm for my regular scheduled shift. I didnt attend the meeting or call in for the fact that I overslept. I was suspended immediately and then fired a couple days later. I was denied my unemployment, appealed with a hearing and was denied again. My district manager had 2 coworkers state that they overheard me say that I was not going to attend the meeting, and had one as a witness at my hearing. Is there anything that I can do?

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You may file a second level appeal.

See this:

Then this:

The time line is very short, only days, so do not wait if you are going to do it.