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Is it possible to cut my years of probation?

Warminster, PA |

I am on parole right now. I already pay my restituion and courts fees. I would like to cut my 3 years probation.

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You can file a petition with the Court to either convert your probation to non-reporting or to terminate supervision altogether. Usually, your probation officer has to be in agreement to this type of request. I would also point out that you usually have to serve 1/2 of your probation to even consider doing this.

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I agree with Attorney Hood. Whether or not you would be successful with having the probation cut down would depend on many things. Primarily, the opinion of the PO will certainly have an impact on the court. Further, in some counties, the DA may also need to consent and ultimately the Judge would have to approve same.

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Before the Court would even consider doing anything with the sentence, you must pay off all your restitution and costs. It is suggested that you come to our office for a free consult. I'm a former prosecutor and would be glad to meet you. Call us at 610-449-1400.