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Is it possible to Completely Erase my juvenile record?

Downey, CA |

My name is Alexander. Im 22 yrs old. I have a juvenille record (Between 16-17yrs of age) of two batteries. Case was terminated before i turned 18. I was arrested for around 3-4 weeks, and was given probation for 7 months only. Since the batteries were at home, Every Military branch ive gonne to, the recriuters say they consider it "Domestic Violence", and say i cant join. I went and paid for a LiveScan Fingerprint (FBI/DOJ). One charge started off as Battery to a Person, and remained the same at the court date. The Second charge a week later that said Coorporal Injury to Cohbitant/Spouse, in courtdate dropped to Just Battery. BOTH charges (Same Case#) dissmised the Same court date. Is there a way to ERASE all that history off my record COMPLETELY?? Please email if possible Lyndon5189@gmail

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The live scan issue will always remain. It is there for gun laws which is why your military status is affected. You should retain an attorney and see if you can have your rights restored which is possible if you get them dismissed or expunged.

This is just my opinion and not a comprehensive answer. You assume the risk because this answer may not apply to your situation depending on the facts.


Sorry to take issue with my colleague but neither a dismissal nor a so-called expungement will restore his gun rights.