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Is it possible to claim my "speeding" ticket (which I believe was not fair)? This is my first ticket. Please advice! Thank you!

Dover, DE |

I was on my way to Dover when I got this ticket in Maryland. I am not sure what was my speed and the road was almost empty except a few speeding cars overtaking me. Then a traffic cop was driving in opposite direction and he passed by me. Later I entered an area where speed limit was 50mph, and I reduced my car speed to 40mph. Then I noticed that the same cop was following my car without any stopping signal. After following me for around 1/2 a mile, he hooted the stopping siren. I immediately stopped. Cop came to my car window while I still inside the car, and told me that I was driving with 68mph in an area of 50mph. I said that my speed was only 40mph. He said "well, yeah, but you were driving 68mph on a 50mph road before". After this he asked my license and gave me a $90 ticket.

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You should contest the ticket and request a trial. You can either negotiate a reduction of the speed or even get a pbj (no points) disposition. make sure you get a local attorney. the delay in stopping you may have been because he was checking your vehicle registration and other information on his computer before he stopped you to see if you were wanted, or to determine other information before he stopped you.



Thank you very much Sir!