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Is it possible to bring legal firearms into my new apartment?

Greensboro, NC |

Now, seems simple enough that I should however there are a couple of factors that complicate the endeavor. I am a second-year student here in Guilford county, NC. I am moving out of the dormitories and into an apartment, completely separate from the University. My problem is, in the lease, there is a small subsection that states exactly this, "You agree Not to: (4) Discharge, display, or in any way use in or around the Home or Common Areas any firearm or weapon of any type ... " Further, in the latter portion of the lease it states, "... You understand and agree that You and Your Authorized Guests are exclusively responsible for protecting Yourself, themselves, the Home ..."

It does not explicitly state I cannot have my firearm, simple I cannot use or display it. Would I be in the right?

Here is a link to the full lease: [Section 15, Subsection 4(a)] And to be clear, so long as I keep my firearm(s) hidden from plain site, I should be okay? What is the maintenance crew comes in unannounced (in the lease) and they find my gun safe? Would this be legal grounds for lease termination? Also, say, God forbid, I actually have to use my firearm in an act of justified self-defense (just assume that I am not charged with anything and a court ruled I fully within my right to defend myself for the sake of this question), would this be legal grounds to terminate my lease?

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Without further information and without reading the full lease, I'm going to have to agree with you that you can have and own firearms and even keep them in your apartment. Of course, you need your permit to own the weapon and should consider your getting your conceal and carry license, if you haven't already. That class will give you much of the guidance you need on where you may carry your firearm.

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